Se7en: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #20

Hello and welcome to Ryan’s Movie Reviews! Just as a heads up, some of this review describes some gory details from Se7en and WILL spoil the film for you. You have been warned.

When asking people what I should review next, I received a wide range of suggestions. From ‘The Incredible Bulk’ to ‘Skyfall’, I’ve had a fair few suggestions. I decided to watch and review Se7en, as I’ve heard so much about it, and thought I’d give it a watch.

From David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, Se7en tells the story of Detective Mills and Detective Somerset who are investigating a series of murders that Somerset believes are connected to the Seven Deadly Sins. The murderer, John Doe, comes forward and the detectives must follow his instructions in order to find his motivations behind the murders that lead to what has to be one of the most shocking and honestly, amazing, endings in cinema history.

I’ll be honest here. People had told me to watch Se7en but I avoided it for some time, mainly because it didn’t seem that interesting. And honestly, the film wasn’t as I expected. It didn’t really live up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong, there were great moments in the films, especially the ending, but the film itself was dull (literally!) and I found myself losing interesting, just waiting for the next discovery of the next murder. Brad Pitt played Detective Mills, a young detective who is new in town to help solve the murders. Pitt was pretty good and had some great moments, but lacked in a few areas for me. Morgan Freeman as Detective Somerset was great too and I actually liked his character over Pitt’s Detective Mills, but the best character for me easily goes to Kevin Spacey’s John Doe. Though John Doe doesn’t really appear until the last quarter of the film, Spacey steals the show with the ending. In my opinion, he’s one of the best cinema villains, as he had the monotonous tone combined with the sick acts that he carried out that made him so awesome. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Tracy Mills, Detective Mills wife. She was a good character but seemed liked she was just there for her head to be chopped off by John Doe and put in the box. The characters all have amazing chemistry with each other, which actually kind of makes up for where the film disappointed me. The scene that springs to mind is when Mills, Somerset and Tracy are all having dinner at the Mills’,  where everyone bursts into laughter. That scene shows just how well the cast and characters get on. The relationship between Mills and Somerset, where Mills is the young and fiery detective while Somerset was a more of a rational and calm detective who served as more of a voice of reason. The way that Pitt and Freeman act out this is honestly so incredible. It shows off their talents as their characters have a companionship that shows them being forced to work together and yet getting on in some ways.

I have to talk about the best scenes in the film, which actually make it better in my view. First, every scene of uncovering a new murder is amazing. The first death of gluttony perfectly sets the tone for just how weird the film is going to get and sets the audience up for what to they’re about to watch. The other murders are interesting, but from the sloth, lust, envy, wrath and gluttony are my favourites. The sloth murder was done perfectly. It had a man being chained and tied down to a bed for a year, allowing their body to rot. This was so fantastically down but it was set up beautifully and the little jump scare of the victim not being dead was awesome. The lust murder had a prostitute being knifed to death by a client who was wearing a strap-on but instead of a prosthetic penis is a knife that the client uses during sexual intercourse to kill the prostitute as there is a gun to his head. You don’t see anything, but I love this scene so much because just when you think that John Doe as a villain cannot anymore psychotic or twisted, he pulls off this. The ending, as previously mentioned, is one of the greatest in cinema history. John Doe turns himself into the police, and his lawyer tells Mills and Somerset that he has two more bodies out in the desert. Mills and Somerset, accompanied by John Doe drive out to the desert to find the bodies. The three walk into the middle of the desert, then a delivery van pulls up on near to the desert. Somerset is ordered by John Doe to go see what the delivery man has delivered. While Somerset opens the box, John Doe tells Mills that he admires the life Mills leads, with a pretty wife, describing how he visited Mills home that morning after he left and how he tried to play husband and that it didn’t work out. John Doe says that he took a souvenir (dramatic pause) ‘her pretty head’. During all this, Somerset has been running back to Mills and John Doe telling Mills to put his gun down. When he arrives back, he asks Mills for his gun, leading Mills to ask ‘what’s in the box?’. John Doe explains that he envies Mills’ normal life and that his sin is envy. John Doe then tells Mills that he just told him what was in the box, leading Mills to have an internal struggle of whether or not to kill John Doe. John Doe wants Mills to shoot him so that Mills kills him out of wrath and the Seven Deadly Sin murders are complete. John Doe wants Mills to shoot him and explains that Tracy begged for her life and the life of her baby inside of her, which Mills learns about then and there. After an admittedly amazing inner struggle from Pitt’s Mills, John Doe is shot dead by Mills. The Seven Deadly Sins murders are complete, with John Doe’s killing of Tracy being the envy murder and Mills killing John Doe being the wrath murder, the final in the series.

Overall, Se7en gets a 7.8/10 from me. Despite not being as amazing as the hype that I was given, it is still an awesome film. The ending and all the murders in between make up for some of it in my opinion, and it was a great film to watch.

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