Aladdin: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #21

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We all have movies or TV shows that we associate with our childhood. For those who grew up in the 80’s, it may have been ALF. 90’s kids had the Lion King and Toy Story. For me, a 2000’s born child, my childhood was full of amazing movies. The Incredibles, Madagascar, Finding Nemo, all amazing films that I grew watching and loving. Then there was Aladdin. The 1992 film was one of my favourites, and I could binge it over and over again for days on end. I even won a World Book Day character competition dressed as Aladdin when I was 6. So, I recently won a NowTV voucher off a KitKat wrapper. There are thousands of flicks on there, but there was one that stood out to me and brought back great memories. I rewatched Aladdin and had to review it for this week’s edition.

Featuring the voices of Robin Williams, Brad Kane, Scott Weinger and Lea Salonga, Aladdin is the classic story of a poor thief who meets a princess and longs to be with her. He steals a magic lamp and meets Genie, a magical being who can grant Aladdin three wishes of his choice. Aladdin uses his wishes to get the girl but must battle the evil Jafar along the way.

Without a doubt, Aladdin is one of the best kids films out there. It has humour, heart, and beautiful animation. Brad Kane and Scott Weinger voiced Aladdin or Prince Ali, and because of this, I thought Aladdin sounded a quite American even though Aladdin is an Arabian character. Aladdin is an orphan in the streets of Agrabah, an Arabian city. He steals his food with the help of his pet monkey, Abu. For a kids film, the way Aladdin was portrayed as a likeable character was actually pretty well done. The villain of Jafar was quite good, and his voice by Jonathan Freeman was actually pretty spot on. One thing that did annoy me a little was how obvious it was that Jafar was a villain. Dark colours, a sinister voice, all obvious signs that Jafar is evil. I understand it’s a kids film and it’s easy for studios to just tell the audience what’s going on, but they’re children. No need to exposit everything and lay it out on a silver platter for them. It would’ve been nice to have a bit more to Jafar’s character, as it just seemed he was an evil guy who wanted a lamp. Not much else to his character. Princess Jasmine was voiced by Lea Salonga, and her voice was less American-sounding but could’ve had more of an Asian accent to it. Her character was fun, but nothing compared to Genie. Genie was voiced by the wickedly-talented, Robin Williams. Williams as Genie made the film far more enjoyable and funnier, which makes him easily one of the best parts of this film.

You can’t review a Disney film without mentioning music, and for me, the music in Aladdin was amazing. The songs served as exposition machines in some places (which annoyed me), and as time fillers in others. The best song has to be ‘A New Whole World’, it’s just so damn catchy and has been stuck in my head for days on end.


I think the storyline and plot were great. It captured a classic from the Arabian nights and brought it to life in a way that was entertaining for both kids and adults alike. It teaches children many lessons like being honest and being yourself, as well as asking the age-old question: if you had a genie, what three wishes would you wish for?

Admittedly, there were parts of Aladdin that I didn’t like. I would have liked a bit more diversity in the voices of characters. When bringing an Arabian story to life, I think it’s important to have an Arabian character to sound Arabian! I found that Aladdin was also full of unnecessary time fillers, especially that montage with the Prince Ali song.

But now only to the brighter side of my Aladdin review, the best moments. I liked the scene of Aladdin and Jasmine meeting for the first time in the marketplace. It was a meet-cute that showed us some good chemistry between the characters. The scene where Aladdin gets the lamp from the cave then escapes with the help of the carpet was wonderfully animated and good fun to watch. The introduction of Genie was fantastic, and basically, any scene with Genie was awesome. The scene with A Whole New World is one of my favourite Disney scenes, as it brought back so many great memories and was just so fun to watch. The ending was sweet and did put a smile on my face too, so points for Aladdin there.

Overall, Aladdin gets a 7.6/10 from Ryan’s Movie Reviews. It’s a great film that brought back great memories and I cannot wait to see the live-action remake that comes out next year. It stars Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Will Smith as Genie, so it should be pretty awesome.

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