Baywatch: Ryan’s Movie Reviews #22

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Summer is finally upon us. For readers in the States, it’s now summer break. Reader’s in the UK are also in summer, with a brilliant heatwave that we must suffer through school and work with. But despite all this, summer has finally arrived. So I thought let’s review a summer movie to celebrate everyone’s favourite season. I opened up a poll with seven movies related to summer (Jaws, Dirty Dancing, 500 Days of Summer, Grease, Baywatch, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Goonies). The winner was Baywatch, making it this week’s review.

Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief) directs the movie version of Baywatch. With an all-star cast of Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach, Baywatch tells the story of head lifeguard Mitch Buchannon assembling a team of lifeguards including Summer Quinn and ex-Olympian Matt Brody to tackle a new wave of crime that puts their beloved bay in danger.

Baywatch had its good points and bad points. And I hate to be a critic, but that’s exactly the purpose of this blog. So we’ll start with the bad. First off, too many sex jokes. I don’t know if it’s just the style of American comedies or anything, but while sex may sell, there is a point where jokes of a sexual nature just reach a point where it’s no longer funny and just flat out weird to watch. In the case of Baywatch, a few of the sex jokes were actually pretty good and funny, but the rest seemed to fall flat on its face. As a matter of fact, most of the jokes and gags try to hit the comedic spot and miss. Baywatch tried to copy what the Jump Street series has done but failed. Secondly, The Rock. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Rock. He’s an incredible actor and is a man of many talents, but I feel that he’s in every film that needs a cocky, charming, strong, muscular character. He’s literally playing the same character in every film. Jumanji, big, strong, cocky, charming, muscular video game character. Central Intelligence, big, strong, cocky, charming, muscular CIA agent. Even Moana, where he played a big, strong, cocky, charming, muscular, animated God. Baywatch is no exception. I get that there’s no other role he can play, but there are other actors out there, and slapping The Rock’s name on there to rake in more money just seems a little too played out. Don’t get me wrong, Dwayne Johnson is an incredible actor, and he was great in Baywatch, but he could’ve been better in places, and seeing Johnson play a big, strong, cocky, charming, muscular guy but with profession changing depending on the film is something we see too often. The last major problem I had with Baywatch was its villain, played by Priyanka Chopra. In all honesty, you can’t blame Chopra for being a bad villain, as most of it comes down to the writing and character development. She was rarely funny, boring and a bit dull, and I feel that more could have been done with her character.

The Classic Baywatch Beach Run

In all fairness, Baywatch wasn’t a terrible film. One thing that I loved was the chemistry between the characters. I know I just criticised him, but this is something that The Rock does perfectly in every film. Every character that The Rock plays has amazing character chemistry with other characters. In Baywatch, I particularly liked his chemistry with Zac Efron’s Matt Brody. The music in Baywatch was also one of its best parts. Baywatch features amazing music like ‘Legend Has It’ by Run The Jewels, ‘Go’ by The Chemical Brothers and ‘Say You, Say Me’ by Lionel Richie, the music was one of the best parts about Baywatch. The best characters had to go to Summer Quinn and Matt Brody. Summer Quinn (played by the lovable Alexandra Daddario) was actually a really fun and likeable character. I also really liked Matt Brody, played by Zac Efron. His character arc was quite interesting and he was a great character.

That’s literally all I have to say about Baywatch. It had its ups and downs and gets a 6.2/10 from Ryan’s Movie Reviews. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it was just a big let down.

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