The Edge (1997)

Director Lee Tamahori
Written by David Mamet

Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle MacPherson, Harold Perrineau, LQ Jones, Bart the Bear, Kathleen Wilhoit.

From Academy Award nominee screenwriter David Mamet, and renowned New Zealand director Tamahori, comes an epic survival film (and my favourite film of all time).

When intellectual Billionaire magazine owner Charles Morse (Hopkins) follows along on a photo-shoot of his supermodel wife Mickey (MacPherson), he finds he is in his element in a remote retreat. He soon impresses the local cabin owner (Jones), with his worldly knowledge.

when the man somewhat insults him in asking for an investment, he decides to tag along with photographers Robert and Stephen (Baldwin and Perrineau) on a short plane ride away. When they are caught bird strike, it causes a plane crash. With all evidence of their location is lost – the surviving trio must make the long journey back to their friends and family.

Over the coming days (and weeks) they battle not only the elements of the Alaskan wilderness, but they are hunted by a blood thirsty Kodiak Bear. Even more dangerously is the tension between these men as they struggle to survive, and learn secrets about one another.

Stunning locations, show just how vast the trio have to go to find safety, is married brilliantly with Jerry Goldsmith’s stunning score. There is plenty of tension, which at times is brilliantly filmed by Tamahori – especially in the plane crash that is almost completely within the confines of a light sea plane, which are polar opposites to the vast openness of the rest of the film.

This film didn’t get much attention on its release, and wasn’t overly successful, however this still remains my favourite movie of all time.

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