The Edge (1997)

Director Lee Tamahori
Written by David Mamet

Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle MacPherson, Harold Perrineau, LQ Jones, Bart the Bear, Kathleen Wilhoit.

Intellectual Billionaire magazine owner Charles Morse (Hopkins) and two of his colleagues; photographer Robert (Baldwin), and his assistant Stephen (Perrineau), survive a plane crash while on a short getaway for a photoshoot with Morse’ supermodel wife Mickey (MacPherson). Stuck in the Alaskan wilderness, miles from civilisation, they must battle the elements to survive. But the biggest struggle might just be themselves.

Stunning locations, show just how vast the trio have to go to find safety, is married brilliantly with the themes of survival, not just against the elements of the freezing weather, but also the dangerous animals around. The Bear, which even gets a billing (Bart) – is a major factor in the film.

An even larger element in this, is the relationships between the three men. While it might seem fine at the start of their journey, as the time goes on and truths are revealed – their relationships become strained and this is yet another aspect that they need to overcome in order to survive.

An absolute brilliant score by the late great Jerry Goldsmith (and something that I personally have on my phone for something to help me relax from time to time)

There is plenty of tension, which at times is brilliantly filmed by Tamahori – especially in the plane crash that is almost completely within the confines of a light sea plane, which are polar opposites to the vast openness of the rest of the film.

This film didn’t get much attention on its release, and wasn’t overly successful, however this still remains my favourite movie of all time. While it is MY favourite movie of all time, this is not a perfect movie, and will not be for everyone’s taste.



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