Eraser (1996)

Director Chuck Russell
Written by Tony Puryear, Walton Green, Michael S Chernuchin.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan, Gerry Becker, James Coburn, Robert Pastorelli, James Cromwell, Danny Nucci, Nick Chinlund, Andy Romano, Joe Viterelli, Mark Rolston, John Slatterey.

Arnie is at his 90s’ “Arnie-est” – playing a US Marshal John Kruger who is responsible for putting innocent people into witness protection, and “Erase” their identities.

His latest client is Lee, (Williams) who is helping bring down a weapons dealer/manufacturer who are creating weapons that are too advanced for normal use. Those who want to sell the guns are very powerful people, and after Lee gets evidence to show who is selling, they have now targeted her for assassination, and Kruger is her only hope.

With fairly ordinary graphics it is suprisng to learn that this movie had an astonishing $100m budget. The crocodile attack at the zoo is especially noticeably bad, when you compare it to CGI of movies made years earlier.

A predictable bad guy reveal in the beginning of the second act, is predictable, and the villain is probably one of the more fun villains in mid 90s (also recent RIP to the actor that played him). There are some moments within the film that go against the norm of the ‘traditional’ bad guy/good guy Mexican standoff’s that are fun and memorable.

The action scenes are fun and over the top ‘Arnie’, and it wouldn’t be an Arnie movie without them.

It’s a pretty enjoyable film, but it is a little too long, and could have done with some editing, especially in the back half of the film.



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