The Gentlemen (2019)

Director Guy Ritchie
Written by Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies, Lauren Bond

Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, Eddie Marsan, Jeremy Strong, Chidi Ajufo, Tom Wu.

In this gritty crime caper, Director Ritchie is back to what he does best. 

It begins with shady PI Grant (who in my opinion is at his finest with his Cockney accented Fletcher) retelling a non-linear story to Hunnam, about a series of events that involve them both and Hunnam’s marijuana manufacturer boss McConaughey. 

Ageing American expat living in the UK since his school days, Michael “Mickey” Pearson (McConaughey) has grown a massive empire of weed farms worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He has built it by being hard and ruthless, but tired of the life he leads, he decides to sell his farm to billionaire Strong for close to half a billion, so he can retire with his equally as strong-willed wife Dockery.

This sets in motion a series of events that include a series of characters who either want to rob him (or are horrified when they discover have robbed him) or try to buy him out for a fraction of what he is worth.

This is a fantastic return to roots for Ritchie, who excels at this type of filmmaking. While not as visually brilliant as some of his preceding films, there are some good action shots throughout. The best part of what Ritchie has done here is creating the world in which these characters live. They are all incredibly well written and each character that we see have been given ample screen time to know who each of them are and their motives are.

While not quite as good as his preceding films such as Lock Stock or Snatch (I have yet to see all of Mr Ritchie’s filmography so I can only attest to those that I have seen) I really enjoyed this caper, and hope Mr Ritchie continues to bring us films like this in the future! 

At just under 2 hours, it is an easy watch too.



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