El Camino

Written and Directed Vince Gilligan

Aaron Paul, Robert Forster, Jesse Plemons, Jonathan Banks, Matt Jones, Charles Baker, Larry Hankin, Tess Harper, Michael Bofshever, Tom Bower, Scott Shepherd, Sottt MacArthur, Krysten Ritter, Bryan Cranston.

Following his liberation from Jack’s crew, Jesse Pinkman goes on the run as he is the number one suspect in the ‘Walter White’ case. He attempts to track down the vacuum salesman who almost changed his identity prior to his imprisonment, so he can start a new life – however he still has a ways to go to get there.

Lets make one thing clear, one cannot watch this without having first watched the entirety of the Breaking Bad series. It just wont make any sense if you have not watched.

Here are the pros – it was really cathartic to have the closure to Jesse’s story. It wasn’t really something that I thought I needed when I first watched the final of BB. As the final moment of the series had him escaping into the night; it does make sense to have it. It is also great to see a few of the characters interact again such as Mike, Walt and Jane.

There were also some quite emotional scenes between Jesse and some of the former people in his life.

We also have a series of flashbacks to when Jesse is incarcerated by Jack and Todd and what he went through with them, which is quite confronting to see what this poor kid went through before he was rescued by Walt.

Some negatives, the primary antagonist doesn’t really seem like an overt threat, and there are some moments where it doesn’t have the same ‘feel’ as the Breaking Bad Universe – but credit where credit is due – this is a spinoff of the ‘verse’

If you haven’t caught this and you are a BB fan, you need to check it out. As I said earlier, it really wouldn’t make much sense to those who haven’t seen the series.



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