Nobody (2021)

Director Ilya Naishuller
Writer Derek Kolstad

Bob Odenkirk, Aleksey Serebryakov, Connie Neilsen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside, Colin Salmon, RZA.

Long time married man Hutch (Odenkirk) is living a monotonous and repetitive life. His job is boring, his son tolerates him and his marriage is hanging by a thread. One night his family is a target of a violent burglar, and his unwillingness to attack the thieves is questioned by those around him. His son is even more disappointed in him, and his wife seems even more distant. However, little do they know it has awoken a long dormant secret he has been keeping, and it soon involves the Russian mafia, looking for revenge.

I didn’t really think too much of this going in, I will admit I was hesitant seeing Mr. Odenkirk as a ‘action hero’ type character, but I will admit he does a great job. He portrays both the middle aged everyman, and he also does an admirable job in the action role. Trained by the guys who were in charge of the John Wick movies, apparently doing a majority of the stunts himself. Odenkirk is primarily known for his comedic and dramatic roles, but holds his own here.

The movie is complemented by a pretty catchy soundtrack, and the direction from relatively newcomer Ilya Naishuller with Cinematography from Pawel Pogorzelski keeps up with the fast paced action sequences. The choreography is very well done, and the team behind the film did a great job.

Some other ups; Odenkirk clearly had a great time making this, and he does an admirable job. Christopher Lloyd is a hoot as Odenkirk’s dad, who shares his son’s secret (and is part of a very fun action sequence near the end of the film.) At 92 minutes, it’s pretty easy to get through.

Some downs, the villain played by Canadian-Russian Serebryakov is a little bland and forgettable. I also felt the script was a bit weak – especially in how the friction occurs with the hero and the ‘villain’. If there is to be another film in the series (there is strong suggestion that there will be a Nobody 2), there needs to be more about the history and mythology that is very briefly hinted about.

I did quite enjoy this film, and if you are a fan of the John Wick franchise, you should check it out – just for the action sequences alone.

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