Analyze This

Director Harold Ramis
Written by Kenneth Lonergan, Peter Tolan, Harold Ramis

Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Viterelli, Bill Macy.

New York Mob Boss Paul Vitti (DeNiro) is weeks away from one of the biggest meetings of the “Families”. The original meeting, decades earlier was hampered by the involvement of law enforcement. When he is nearly assassinated and feeling feelings, he asks his people to find him a psychiatrist. It just so happens one of his men has just by chance meeting with soon to be married Dr Ben Sobel (Crystal), and they get their boss to meet him. Soon the Dr is on Vitti’s payroll, and finds himself part of the mob.

Fun look at the world of the mob, with DeNiro having a blast as a conflicted mob boss, with his ‘Bronx Tale’ co star Palminteri as his rival. There are also some parodies of ‘mob’ movies such as Godfather within.

A bit of a darker direction from the late great Ramis, and is quite violent at times, as well as a fairly honest and authentic (I’m assuming?) representation of the language used in this way of life. A little over 80 uses of a four letter word begging with F are used, so this is definitely not a movie to watch around the kids.

There are some very funny moments within the film, and the late Viterelli is just brilliant as the loveable Jelly – especially in some scenes with Crystal towards the end of the film.

The very funny Kudrow is sorely underused in this film, but proves herself against heavyweights DeNiro and Crystal.

Followed by a sequel a few years later.



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