The Long Kiss Goodnight

Director Renny Harlin
Written by Shane Black

Geena Davis, Samuel L Jackson, Craig Bierko, Brian Cox, Patrick Malahide, Tom Amandes, Yvonne Zima, David Morse, Melina Kanakaredes, GD Spradlin, Rex Linn, Joseph McKenna.

Eight years ago Charlene Baltimore (Davis) was one of the best assassins within the secret US Government group ‘Chapter’. When her potential target, tried and failed to assassinate her, it left her with amnesia. Believing her name to be Samantha Caine, she has become a mother to the child she was pregnant to at the time of her accident, and doting fiancé, to a loving man. However, her memories are now returning, and while trying to find out who she is, those who thought her long dead are out to finish the job.

Very entertaining action film set at Christmas, has always been one of my favourites. In re-watching, it was still fairly decent. Davis is perfectly cast, and nails the roles of both Samantha and Charly. Jackson is just brilliant as Mitch.

There are some fun action sequences, however there is obvious plot armour worn by the leads in their ability to escape out of countless situations. It’s also refreshing to have the female be the hero, who goes on to save the man several times throughout. It was refreshingly progressive in this aspect, and also that the “damsel in distress” being played by an African American (or Black) man.

The dialogue is also one of my favourite parts, especially the banter between both Davis and Jackson. As ‘Charly’s’ personality gets stronger, her confidence increases, and some of the dialogue gets quite funny. It is testament to Black’s screenplay. He has done some brilliant ‘buddy cop’ movies in the past, and he is able to write this dialogue very well.

One issue I had was the matter of convenience that ‘Charly’ is resurrected right as the bad guys are planning their years long mission. While there would be no movie if it wasn’t for this, it just felt a little lazy plot device.

Pretty decent score by Alan Silvestri. I have mentioned him several times in some of my reviews, he does a great job here too, during both action sequences and slower moments.

Fun Christmas movie, should have had a sequel, but never did.



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