Die Hard 2

Directed by Renny Harlin
Written by Steven E de Souza, Doug Richardson
Based on the novel 58 minutes by Walter Wager (characters by Roderick Thorp)

Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedilia, William Atherton, William Sadler, Franco Nero, Reginald VelJohnson, John Amos, Dennis Franz, Art Evans, Fred Dalton Thompson, Tom Bower.

In this sequel to the 1987 smash hit, sees John McClane – now an LA cop waiting for his (now happily married to) wife Holly’s plane to land in a snow covered airport in Washington DC on Christmas Eve 1990. 

When the airport is taken hostage by some military goons led by Sadler. He and his team are trying to free a corrupt foreign Military leader Nero, whose plane is bringing him to the same airport, and carting him off to jail. McClane is one of the only ones who is able to bring them down.

Bigger is not necessarily better here, while the action is amped up, the ‘plot armour’ ability for hero McClane to survive is a even more unbelievable at times. While this pales in comparison of what is to come in later films.

The action also starts very early in the piece with the first shootout happening just over ten minutes into the movie. That was a bit of an frustrating moment in my opinion, and it felt like it was ‘rushing’ to get the action started.

Some of the characters are genuinely likeable such as Bower’s Marv, Thompson’s Trudeau, and Evans’s Barnes. Franz’s overly cartoon-ish characterisation of the ‘cop who won’t listen’ is one of the most annoying parts of the film.

The villains here do seem like a credible threat , with some of the actions taken by them quite horrific if it were real life. There is also the imminent threat to McClane’s wife Holly throughout the entire film. This would be Bedilia’s final appearance as Holly. Sadler and Nero do not have the same persona as the villain in the previous piece (RIP forever to Alan Rickman), they are still fine.

Once again, this feels like it could have been set at any time really, and the underlying theme of Christmas isn’t as prevalent as in the first film, so I’m going to say this is not a Christmas film.

Not as good as the original film, but still entertaining.


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