The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Directed by Tony Scott
Written by Shane Black & Greg Hicks

Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Chelsea Field, Noble Willingham, Taylor Negron, Danielle Harris, Halle Berry, Bruce McGill, Kim Coats, Chelcie Ross

Quintessential early 1990’s action romp, sees PI Willis tagged with protecting dancer Berry, despite her boyfriend Damon’s wishes. When things go sour, Damon and Willis team up to bring down the goon’s responsible, and it all may lead to US senators and the owner of Football clubs in order to legalize sports gambling.

This was a tough review considering I was only eight years old when this movie was made – so trying to see it through ‘today’s’ eyes is redundant. However, I judge it against other movies in a similar fashion – made around the same time.

Written by Shane “Lethal Weapon” Black, it does not have the same impact as his buddy cop series. While Willis was on a high from the Die Hard films, this pales in comparison to both series. While it is possible that this is a standalone film, it can be wondered if it would have been more

Due to the cultural nature of the film (American football), I was unable to relate towards it, it did feel like it was made for American audiences, and had some over the top caricatures like the main villain Marcone.

The villains plan to legalise sports gambling, is a fairly ordinary motive for the actions they take in order to succeed. Some of the violence within is fairly brutal and almost comically over the top, but without the intention of being over the top.

While I found the whole film somewhat disappointing , the action however is non stop and pretty intense, especially in the third act. There is fun banter between the two stars.

Not my favourite 90s action movie, but far from the worst thing out there



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