Moneyball (2011)

Director Bennett Miller
Written by Steven Zaillan, Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chervin, Michael Lewis.

Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, Chris Pratt, Stephen Bishop, Kerris Dorsey.

Based on the novel by the same name.

In 2002, General Manager of Oakland A Baseball team, Billy Beane (Pitt) is given one of the lowest salary budgets for a team in history. He soon Yale graduate Peter Brand (Hill), who shows Beane statistical analysis in players might get better results, with less money spent. As the season progresses, his team go on to have one of the best seasons, with one of the best winning streaks in the game history. Can they make it all the way and win the World Series.

Despite being another “American” movie, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was really easy to invest in these characters and their rise from the bottom to the top. Also that it was ‘based on true events’ made the whole story that more moving.

Of the cast, I have to admit this was some really good work. Pitt, here is on point (as he always is) as the lead. He was Oscar nominated for this role, and I honestly feel this role outshines his actual Oscar winning performance.

Hill, who was also nominated, I found to be good – but not great. He’s done better performances in the past, where he has not been recognized – and has been recognised. I will put my hand on heart and say he is one of the most underappreciated actors of this generation.

Hoffman is completely underused – which is sad for both the fact he is no longer with us (RIP) and that there was so much more to the story of his character. I wish they fleshed this out, and the ‘alleged’ difficult relationship between his Art, and Pitt’s Billy.

The score is simply brilliant, and at times manages to mix both diegetic and non diegetic sound within.

Apart from some lack of backstory, and more fleshed out characters (Pratt, and Wright are two more underused stars/characters), the film is a little long – and could have done with some pacing fixes.

A really good film, and a recommendation to watch.



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